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Meet the Officials

Competitions could not exsist without the hard working Officials. Meet our 2017 Officials.

Rob de Bruin (FEI 4*) NED

Rob de Bruin studied international businesses in Arnhem (The Netherlands and was a product manager for a software company for almost ten years. Since 2004 Rob lives in Normandy, France. Near Deauville he runs his horse farm, where he breeds friesian horses and trains warmblood horses. He travels all over the world as a 'horsehandler', which means presenting horses on breed shows. The vaulting community knows De Bruin as a FEI Judge, but Rob was a individual vaulter in the 90's. He judges since 2012 and on his lists are for instance the World Championships in Le Mans 2016 and the World Junior Championships in Ermelo in 2015. Rob was an official at the prestigious CVIO in Aachen for four consecutive years.

    Monika Eriksson (FEI 4*) SWE

                                          Elisabeth Muellner (FEI 3*) AUS


Craig Coburn (AVA R, USEF R, FEI 4*) USA

Craig Coburn began his vaulting career in 1972 at the age of nine with Hidden Hills Horseman Vaulters in Southern California. In 1976 he was a member of the Hidden Hills National Championship "A" Team. In 1980 he won the Silver Men's National Championship at Pepperdine University (out-scoring the Gold competitors!), and traveled to Paris, France to win a large international championship at the Salon du Cheval.

After moving to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley, Craig vaulted with Sundance Vaulters and was coached by Adrienne Stang. While at Sundance, Craig coached a number of vaulters with great success.

In 1986, under coach Nancy Stevens-Brown, Craig won his first of three consecutive Gold Men's National Championships. Craig competed in a number of international competitions over the years including the FEI World Vaulting Championships in 1986 and 1988.

Craig's extensive involvement on the "grown-up" side of vaulting began in 1984 when he was elected to the AVA Board of Directors and later became Executive Secretary and a member of the Executive Board while still in college. Craig continues to be an active member of the AVA Board of Directors and holds positions on the following AVA committees including Technical, Ballot, Fest and International. He has been a member of the USEF Vaulting Technical Committee since its inception in 1986 under the umbrella of the AHSA. Craig was the US Chef d'equipe for the CVI Santa Cruz in 1990.

Craig first became a "r" judge in 1995 and then promoted to "R" in 1998. Most recently Craig was promoted to an FEI judge after finishing his international requirements.


Patty Littman FEI Chief Steward (Level 2)

Patty has been involved in horses the age of 5. In 1992 she opened a barn Barronsgate, where both dressage and vaulting were offered. During that time she earned her “L” dressage judge, and her dressage TD “r”license. In the mid 90's, she created the Barronsgate Selection Trials which evenually became the Mozart Memorial which is held every year in Southern California. She has managed and been secretary for both dressage and vaulting competitions for the past 25 years and has handled just about any crisis that could arise. When the USEF vaulting technical delegate program, she became a USEF Vaulting TD, now of which she is in charge of. Before WEG in 2010, she came an FEI Vaulting steward and currently holds a Level 2 license. She has served as Chief Steward in Chilliwack, Canada for the past several years, and has assisted Chief Steward several times in the past 3 years. She is currently working on her FEI Level 3 license, and plans on working at the 2018 WEG to be held in Bromont, Canada.