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CVI Explained

CVI Divisions Explained.



Qualifications for the FEI Junior World Championships. Click Here. 


All Athletes, Lungers and Horses must be registered with the FEI through their own Nation.


USA competitors register with the FEI at:


One -star and Two star.

Who can compete?


Children's Division - Individuals between 12 -14yrs old.

Junior Division - Individuals between 14-18yrs old

Senior Division - Individuals 16yrs old and up.


Why Compete?


With the FEI's new system of one-star, two-star, makes it posible for indivdiuals to compete within their own age groups. This helps to Develop confidence in competing in International Events and follows a progression of qualifications that make the sound building blocks for an Athlete with goals of International competition and eventually respresenting their Country at Junior Championships, World Championships, World Cups and World Equestrian Games.


Athletes have to compete first in a one-star competition to obtain a qualifying score to advance to a two-star. Once an Athlete obtained the qualifying score in a two-star event they can advance to a three-star CVI.


Three star CVI qualifications are needed to compete in World SR Championships and World Equestrian Games.


Horse Passport Guidelines.


USA Horses competing in a US domestic CVI are required to have a National Passport. Process your passport NOW.